Grow Business by Surpassing Annual Operational Goals

Marketing Audit: (Complementary)

In the current digital landscape, deploying paid marketing strategies like Google/Facebook/LinkedIn ad campaigns is essential.

However, the majority of companies tend to deploy paid marketing strategies without fully grasping the significance of critical marketing needs or exploring the potential of organic methods such as ASO (App Store Optimization), SEO, and WEB/App Push.

Regrettably, understanding the importance of business requirements and implementing product changes from a marketing perspective is often disregarded. For e.g: User Lifecycle: User Acquisition followed by engagement and revival can help reduce annual marketing cost by more than 15%

To bridge these market gaps our team embraces a distinct approach. We initiate our partnership by conducting a thorough and complimentary audit. This enables us to gain valuable insights into your specific business requirements, ensuring a tailored and effective strategy. Focused 100% on business objectives

Armed with these insights, our team encompasses both paid and organic strategies, implementing customized and impactful strategies right from the beginning, ensuring that your marketing efforts align with your specific goals and yield the desired results

Scope Identification

  • Demand Generation Needs: B2B or B2C
  • TG: Domestic vs International, City vs Rural, Tier 1 vs Tier 2 and 3, Age group, gender, Earning Potential etc.
  • Identify Quick Wins: Non-paid App Installs, Lead generation, Online sales, Online booking, Booking Demo, Free Registration,
  • Create User Lifecycle: User Acquisition followed by engagement and revival by internal communication channels
  • AOP/QOP: Aligning with Businesses for AOP as well as QOP and MOP oriented Marketing Plan.

Leveraging Analytics:

Right from the planning phase till Campaign execution and optimization It is imperative to analyze data and circle back into the marketing campaigns.

Break down user journey’s, product flows. Analyze with the help of Heatmap tools. Comparing with competitors, Every data needs to be analyzed for a successful and error free campaign.

Paid Marketing- Search, Display and Social Media Marketing:

After Marketing Audit and Opportunity Identification we define business potential from each of the Performance Marketing channels can the most suitable campaigns within for e.g:

  • Performance Max on Google Ads ( or Bulk lead generation),
  • Catalog ads on Facebook (recommended of e-com),
  • Lead ads on Linkedin (for B2B Demand Generation)
  • Hyperlocal on Affiliate channels (for Maximized ad revenue)
  • Surrogate Marketing (for tapping sensitive business models)

App Store Optimization/App Marketing

A perfect blend of SEO and ASO can help Reach up to 10,000 Daily Organic App installs.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Improve the visibility and ranking of your digital platforms on search engine results pages (SERPs) through tactics such as strategic keyword research, website optimization, content strategy, backlinking, etc.

Youtube Optimization/Youtube SEO

From determining the optimal length of a video to strategically naming a file before uploading it to YouTube Studio, the process of YouTube optimization begins even before shooting the actual video. Let's delve into the specifics and explore how we can harness the power of YouTube to not only increase video views but also drive traffic to your website and app, leading to conversions and other desired user actions. Together, we can unlock the full potential of YouTube as a powerful platform for achieving your business objectives.

Campaign planning & strategy

Blended Marketing Approach to ensure a further reduction of Cost/Acquisition by an average of 9%-14%.

Email, Whatsapp and SMS Marketing

App Push and Web Push

Lead and Demand generation

Affiliate Marketing

Competitor Benchmarking and Heatmap Analysis